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HTML requirements?


vulpes caeli:
Hello I was just wondering how much knowledge of html we need to know. Are we given pretty much a blank sheet of printer paper that we have to code up to a website page or a template that we need to work with? I have made a website page but that was about 5 years or something ago during high school so I don't quite remember everything so if anyone knows somewhere I could go make a website to practice/demonstrate my knowledge (or lack thereof) of html?

EDIT: I tried using Google to find some but they all just seem to have templates that seem to do all the work, or is that okay?

EDIT 2: Found a few sites and am touching up on my "knowledge" and looked at several applications and answered my first question.

Yeah, the previous apps are a good way to see what is expected. You can use whatever you want and upload the finished files, but nothing is provided to help you create pages on this end.

vulpes caeli:
Ya, I figured as much. I've been fiddling about with Dreamweaver,
figured out some stuff, just gotta try it out now, hopefully I'll be able
to make something that'll show I can make and maintain a website. ;A;
Thanks for answering my question tho.  :)


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