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Email and Spam Filtering

Started by Xepher, October 28, 2011, 05:50:17 AM

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So, the spam filtering system I set up years ago just really doesn't seem to be cutting it for me lately. While I like the idea that it's trainable, too many "obvious spam" messages keep leaking through on my own accounts. I imagine some of ya'll might be having the same issues. I'm probably going to be looking into a new filter here soon, and that'll mean its going to lose whatever training has been done. I hope to find one that has a lot of good, built-in filters though, so training won't be as necessary. I still intend to maintain the "drag and drop" training that currently exists, it'll just be a different program actually filtering behind the scenes.

That said, how many of you actually use the email here regularly? Of those, how is the spam filter working or not working for you?


I use the email regularly and I haven't had any trouble with spam. This may just be because I only use it for comic contacts, rather than any other online stuff (shopping, signing up for things etc.) - but anyway, it's never been a problem.
So, yeah...


I use my email here as my primary. I actually have (relatively small) problems on both sides of the filtering fence. I have a very small number of spam messages that slip through, but I have a larger number of legit messages that I feel like it really should have known to whitelist end up in the unsure folder, or even very rarely in the junk folder. The latter is honestly a much bigger problem than the tiny trickle of junkmail that it misses on my account.


It seems to have reached a learning plateau where most of the obvious (chinese and cyrillic character) spam is blocked successfully, but as mentioned, whitelist addresses end up in the questionable folder.  It seems to be working well enough for the limited use I give it.


I looked through the logs for incoming mail, and it appears that only about 10 people total (including me) checked their mail here within the past month. I'll be sure to let ya'll know if/when I switch anything around though.