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Shameless Plug

Started by Databits, November 14, 2012, 03:01:39 AM

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OK, so some of you may know that I'm a game dev student (or have been for a couple years now).  So a few friends of mine have graduated and went on to create an indie team and realize their dreams.  While in school they made a wildly popular survival racing game Nitronic Rush.  Their game went on to become probably the most successful student game in history.

Well, long story short, they're attempting to get the funds together to create its "spiritual successor" called Distance.  The primary reason here is that our school actually owns Nitronic Rush, so they can't really do anything more with it and stay afloat (we game devs need to eat, after all).  Due to this, they have turned to kickstarter to raise funding for Distance.  I'm simply trying to help spread the word.

There's only 3 days left on their kickstarter.  Having played the hell out of Nitronic Rush, I can ensure the game was a blast, and Distance has a ton of promise.  I urge anyone into these sorts of games to check it out, maybe throw a small donation their way, and help spread the word.  They're almost at their mark, but lets push them well over it!!

Distance Kickstarter
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It looks pretty cool, but at the same time, not really the type of game I'm into. That said, I'm pledging anyway. Indie games with actual talent are awesome, and I'm also cheering for linux support for casual games. If you like this sort of thing, chip in. It's fun to back projects from real people, not just mega-studios trying to separate you from your dollar. That said, looks like they hit their goal and this thing is funded. Congratulations guys!