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World Of Svae

Started by worldofsvae, January 09, 2012, 02:57:35 AM

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Username: worldofsvae

Website title: World of Svae

Email: kalyna (underscore) rp (at) hotmail (dot) com

The world of Svae is a fantasy (with a hint of steampunk) world filled with varied lands. These lands are the homes to 6 very different races: Humans, Teratas, Quaares, Ricaris, Garecas, and elusive spirits. A basic reference for all of them here, along with more information.

In Svae, my current comic project is "Crossroads".
In Crossroads, Reed (who is human) goes to travel far and wide to see the world for himself. Soon after his journey starts however, he finds himself entangled in the lives of the people he meets. Including; Jaynta, a Garecan girl who's home was recently destroyed due to the current war between Garecas and Teratas. Banta, a little Quaare who is struggling to grasp the power he holds. Tilwit, a human girl who is searching for the forgotten magic her family use to possess.

As Reed continues traveling with his new companions, little does he know that Trina, who use to be a long past friend, is coming to hunt him down.  A basic reference of the just listed characters. This comic will contain violence, swearing, etc. but nothing will go over the PG-13 level.

Current pages start here (just follow the links in the artist's comments)
I do not currently have a great number of pages for this project (been mostly working on the script). I am, however, planning to update it semi-regularly at the very least.

This is my third comic project, the first being an Original Character Tournament, called "Firewind", that just finished last November. You can start reading that here if you wish. Be warned though, the art in the beginning is from over a year ago (not up to my current pare) and the comic is over a hundred pages long.

The second project was much shorter, and based off of a poem. If you wish, it can be read here.

After taking part in both of these, I'm well aware of the work and time needed for creating comics. It's something I really enjoyed however, and I wish to get back to on a regular basis.

For the website I wish to host Crossroads, as well as art that relates to Svae. So finished pieces, concept art, sketches, side comics, etc. My work for Svae can be found here. I would also like to have a section for other artists and writers who have contributed to Svae. (I would only post their work with their permission, of course.) The work others have contributed can be found here.

The website would also contain facts and information about Svae, including things such as history, the different cultures, etc.

While I do not currently have a website set up for Svae, I have the domain (that I would like to use) that's currently hosted with 50webs for free. However, there is not much I can do with a free account with them. I've decided that it would be best if I were able to install wordpress, and build the site from there. I currently work for a company that partly does website design, and have used wordpress and dreamweaver for the sites that I helped to edit/create. Though I should mention that I'm far from an expert in the world of html, but I know my way around. The company homepage that I help edit/maintain can be found here.
I wish I could display more sites that I contributed to, but most of them are either unpublished or private.
The most recent one that went up being:

Thank you very much for your time, I hope to hear from you!


I really like your artwork, even the "old" stuff is certainly good enough to qualify here. It looks like you've got a fair bit of it at DA too. Likewise, if those yukon websites are stuff you're familiar with maintaining, I'm sure you'll have no problem managing your own site here. And if you've managed a 100 pages before, then you obviously know what's involved in a long-term project. All in all, everything looks quite good!

Out of curiosity, I'd to know how you found Through another comic here, or something else?


That's great to hear! Thank you so much!

A good friend recommended it to me when I said I was looking for a good, free host. He found out about it through the comic Kaspall.


Alright, you're in! You should have an email shortly with login information and instructions. Please read it, and let me know if you have any questions. Welcome Aboard!


Finally got things going and up. I've put in a couple weeks of updates to make sure I have a set workable schedule and that things worked smoothly. So now I can safely say things are running! :) Updates will be every Saturday!

Thanks again very much Xepher! It's appreciated!


Looks good! But, um... *cough*newsbox*cough* :-)


Oh my word, I just knew I was forgetting something important. I had put it up, noticed it didn't quite work with the current layout, took it down to edit later, and then proceeded to completely forgot about it.

My bad, but it is finally up and looking good. Thanks again for your patience haha!


Heh, no worries, thanks.