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System Updates

Started by Xepher, June 03, 2012, 09:50:11 PM

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I've once again upgraded the system software. PHP is now 5.3.13 and apache is at 2.2.22 now. There were a few dozen other packages updated as well, and some obsolete packages were removed (mostly perl modules.) As always, if you run into any problems,  just let me know.



Are you still considering doing that thing where we'd be able to use our domains with Google apps? (Specifically for mail)

And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?


I need to... and it is on my to-do list. Sorry I haven't gotten to it yet. Please keep bugging me about it though, I need the prodding.


Okay, I've finally done it. If you log into user services now, there should be an option to use external email, and a text box where you can enter the list of mail servers to use. Don't enter priorities, just the five google mailservers in order. In other words, put exactly the following into the text box.


As this is new, it's not completely tested of course, so please let me know if you have any problems or see any errors.