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Ficly: 30 Days of Jenny


Knight Random:
I've written a bunch of stories about Jenny Everywhere for Ficly, and right now they're running the "NaFicWriMo" challenge where you write a story every day. I decided to write all of them about Jenny Everywhere. So far... I've failed pretty dramatically in my attempt to write a story every day, but I'm certainly going to try.

Here's the list:

Day 1: Showdown in the End Times (Jenny Everywhere vs Kid Cthulhu)

Day 2: The Maids (a crossover with the Strange and Wonderful House sequence)

Day 3: The First Voyage

Day 4: Nowhere

Day 5: Writer's Block, Redux, Again

Day 6: The Oubliette

Day 7: The Gray Stone

Day 8: The Wasteland

I'm also posting these on the Jenny Everywhere tumblr.

(will edit as the challenge progresses)
(yes, I know I'm badly behind)

Knight Random:
And somehow I inspired someone else to write a story with Jenny Everywhere and Jenny Nowhere.

Knight Random:
A Heromachine picture of my version of Jenny Nowhere, together with some discussion of how I came up with her design.

I never actually cataloged these, but it's on my list now.


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