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Control Your Offspring

Started by cuzimjoe, June 12, 2012, 03:32:05 PM

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Username: controlyouroffspring
Website title: Control Your Offspring

Email: jameeandjoe (at) comcast (dot) net

Control Your Offspring is my look at life through Simmy, Ozzie, Stanlee and the gang. The site updates at least once a week, and my plan is to go to twice a week. I know there are several free comic hosting sites, but they look the part. I checked out some sites on Xepher and they look like a comunity I want to be a part of.

More about me, my plan was to go into cartooning out of high school then art school, however shortly after high school graduation life took over. I stepped away from drawing for about  20 years and then decied to get back into it for my mid life crisis. It is a lot cheeper than a sports car. :)

I prefer the gag a day and one off strips to the story arcs but in the future the characters might lead me to some arcs.

Right now I have CYO up at and would bring the whole site over if I am accpeted. Take a look at let me know what your thoughts are.

Thanks for your time

Cuz I'm Joe


I look through some of the comics you have up, and definitely got a chuckle or two. It looks like you've been keeping fairly regular updates since last fall, so that's good too. The comicpress setup is quiet functional as well. Is it something you installed/managed yourself, or was it provided by your current host? I ask because there's no automation of that sort here, and I need to make sure you're able to install/setup whatever you need for your site if you move here.


My current host installed this one, but I have installed WP and comic press as well as ComicCMS on a server before.


Sorry I'm slow to respond... been busy IRL this past week. Anyway, okay, good enough for me, you're in! You should have an email with instructions shortly. Please read/follow the initial setup instructions there, and if you have questions (or don't get it) let me know.