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Fur Flys

Started by kiekoh, September 07, 2012, 02:00:29 PM

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Username: Kiekoh
Website Title: Fur Flys

Well this will be my first website ever and i have been a avid reader of Cheap Thrills for a while and i wanted to take a leap into the webcomic world. My comic would be about my fursona Kiekoh and her friends who work at the local post office and seem to always find the weirdest things in the mail that always get them into trouble, from micro cyborgs to the run-o-the-mill flour bombs they get alot of pain from where they work but always seem to get things back to normal...for awhile atleast! I currently dont have a website to show you (obviously since this will be my first) but if you want to see some of my art i can link you to my new furaffinity, i hope this works too !

-cheers and thanks for you time :)


I'm sorry, but there's really not enough here for your application to be considered. Your FA account only has 8 images and that's simply not enough of a portfolio to judge. Please don't let that discourage you though. Keep up with your art, work on your comic, and post pages on FA and elsewhere in the community. If you're still at it next year and have more stuff to showcase, feel free to come back and reapply. Best of luck to you! :-)