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I'd like the username 'comicinsurrection' for my website and my email is anandaDOTstarATgmail.com.
I would like to use my site for a couple of comic projects I'm doing.  My main project is the comic story 'Shipwalk,' an adventure of friends who happen to live aboard humanities first biosphere spaceship several centuries after launch.  I will update this story arc once a week initially with the goal of moving to M-W-F updates once I get a large enough buffer of comics.  I also sketch/ink comics daily, some which I would like to showcase on my site as well.  Eventually, I would be housing other comics on my site, but those projects are too nascent to be relevant to my application.  I quite hate mucking about digitizing my 'old tech' drawings, so I've become quite adept at procrastinating by whatever means available.  I believe having a website needing updating constantly will motivate me to put in the time I need to become adept and regular with my digitization habits.  Not to mention; if I get a site here it will be a matter of my honor to update regularly, as my alliance with Xepher.net is based upon my agreement to do so. 
I participated in Hourly Comic Day 2013, mine is posted in the forum here: http://www.tencentticker.com/msgbrd/viewtopic.php?t=2618
Enjoy the comic I did yesterday.  It's the only one I can make small enough to attach to this post.  I also have the first Shipwalk, another daily comic and a couple of coloring sheets that are decently small that I'll try to finagle ways to post those here in the upcoming future.  A tiny portfolio, but it's what I have. 
I am asking for a challenge please!

Here are the coloring pages attached to this post.  The beaver one is based on a photo by Steve at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:American_Beaver.jpg.
This is a comic I drew the other day.
This is the first two comics in Shipwalk.  I've just sort of plunged into all of this, so I was experimenting with drawing the stars initially.  She's looking at the same strip of stars the whole time in the first one.
I will continue to post more comics here as I finish making them web ready. 

A few questions to start off with.

How long have you been regularly drawing (and how long for comics in particular?)

Do you have any galleries anywhere like deviantart, tumblr, or any other art site?

What's the longest running project you've worked on?

How regular am I?
Although I've been drawing/painting/artsy-fartsying for my whole dang life, I believe the answer you seek is every day for the past year or so.  Well, almost every day.  I've been focused on comics specifically for the past six months, really flexing those strip a day muscles even when I'm not funny or motivated.  In addition for the past two months I've added sketching/inking a Shipwalk comic a week to my art routine.
I must admit to you that I am woefully old-tech with my art.  Although I have physical stacks of art floating all over the place, I despise trying to turn paper into electrons and have done tragically little of it.  This right here is my big digitization push.  And it's working already!  No matter what else happens, I come away from this experience with knowledge of the Curves dialog and the smudging tool in GIMP.  Speaking of, I changed Episodes 00 and 01 (and updated the links above) so the color is more consistent and pasted pieces aren't so obvious.  More ShipWalk:
Episode 02: https://www.dropbox.com/s/heftry2cb2vozhw/shipwalk02web.jpg.
Episode 03: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zihsqgmqr5skzp4/shipwalk03web.jpg
Episode 04: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kn1tq6anviaeg4/shipwalk04web.jpg
Longest project?
When I was younger I went to Reed College, where one of the graduation requirements is to write a thesis your senior year.  So that there's a nine month project that doesn't relate to drawing at all.  'Fameworks and Tensegrities,' fine, dry reading material I once LaTex'd up for anyone interested and available on the web thanks to my excellent advisor.  Being a rather large project spread over the school year with a single deadline; I learned a lot about scheduling my time, creating my own deadlines, working out the unexpected on the fly, presenting my work to others, and the ferocious, stubborn tenacity that is inexorably intertwined with my will.
More recently....Well, I hope you'll indulge me and see the pojecticity of this!  I've lived on an intentional farming community for three years now.  We garden organically, almost two acres now.  Although we don't farm everything we eat, I haven't bought produce since I moved here.  I participate in the process all year round; from mid winter seed ordering and crop rotation planning, to starting starts and direct sowing seeds, to weeding and tending the crops, to cover cropping and amending the soil, all the way to canning and harvest season.  And then rinse and repeat for a whole new year of work and face stuffing! 
Harvest!  That right there's the whole reason I have a two month buffer of comics before I even I have a website.  I can tell you right now there's no way in sh*t I'll have time to draw then, but I'll have a whole little fleet of comic minions updating for me.  Alright, alright, I'll just set up some sort of auto-post thingy, but I'll still call them minions! 
Right now, this time of year, it's farmer vacation.  Doesn't mean the work stops, but we're pretty much only building the chicken coop right now, so I've got time, sweet precious time, to devote to some non food or money making endeavors.  Time to apply to xepher.net and set up a website! Yessssss!
Can you set up a website?
I know you'll want to ask and I want to get to the good questions.
I set up a few Drupal websites a couple of years ago.  I believe in me, but just in case my web skills rusted shut in the interim, I got my boyfriend to be my back up.  He can code me some straight html goodness in a matter of hours so I will be ready to set myself up with a website if I get in.

So you live and work on a co-op? Next challenge question is this. Sell me (or anyone) on the idea! That is to say, why's it worth doing, what made you choose that lifestyle, etc.


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