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Animal Transformation Ring

Started by tmazanec1, November 14, 2012, 05:40:48 PM

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When I started my site, I hooked up to the Animal Transformation Webring. I figured it would be a good way to increase readership. Frankly, my stories only peripherally involved Transformation after my initial usage of the Transformation Story Archive Maillist...most of my stories are of my Mammaloid universe, and I only included the (discarded) plan to transform the Human race to get the early stories on the TSA list.
I have not updated my website in quite a few months. But in recent weeks, I wrote two stories on the Alternate History forum (one of them a Mammaloid story). I tried to access the main page to View Source and copy the current html of the page to modify (my own records are atrociously arranged). I got the site for a second, and then it switched to the webring page. If it does this sometimes (I just tried it again to get the url of the page it switches to, and it did not happen) I would not like for people googling me not to be able to read it, so it is probably best that I drop out of the ring. How do I do this (it is about a decade ago I created my site)?


I'm afraid I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to. The main page of your site doesn't seem to have any "ring" links on it. I'm assuming it must be on some sub page somewhere. That said, most of the old "ring" sites used to basically require a sign up with their central server, and then posting of code to actually put the ring links/icons/etc on your own page. To remove yourself from such things, you likely need to delete your account with whatever central site runs that ring, and then remove the code blocks from your html pages.


The "main" page is, IIRC, the "Planet Mazanec" page, that has an image of a planet that you click on to "land" on and enter "Tom Mazanec's World", which is my actual main site. I knew what might be cute once is tiresome twice, so I put my "stuff" on the second page.
I almost went off some time ago, when I found a search engine classifying my site as a fetish site, probably because of the ring (it is not), but this quirk decided me.
I will try to do as you suggest. Thank you.
EDIT: I tried leaving a message at their community comment site, but it tried to sign me up. I tried to log on, but I don't remember my password. When I try my "normal" password, it takes me to a "set up your profile" page (which does not allow me to type anything readable, because the field doesn't page down).
Any advice on how I can get in touch with the webring?


I'm sorry, I really don't know. All you can do from this end is just delete any code snippets they had you insert in your site. The rest (any info you submitted to them) would have to be dealt with by their admins or their own login system.