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Synthetic Rice

Started by FrodoBaggins455, October 14, 2005, 07:29:58 PM

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Planned Username: FrodoBaggins455

Hey, I'm FrodoBaggins455. I'm new around here, but I've seen some webpages hosted by xepher, and I thought the idea of an art focused independent webhost was a pretty sweet idea, so I thought you might be a good match for my site.
Synthetic Rice is an already exisitng site at, so if you want to see what I would be putting up here potentially, feel free to stop by and look around. My current webhost can't run the site anymore, so I sort of have to move sometime in the near future. I additionally am a regular at if you want to see additional work. My site is primarily an art/webcomic site where I run my main webmanga 'Dream Sequence' and will soon be running 'Alternate', my other webmanga, of which there is a 2 page preview. Dream Sequence is a fantasy manga focusing on the transition between concious and subconcious identities and will probably get substantially darker as I delve more into Takashi's past (it won't get beyond a PG-13, I assure you). Alternate is an anti-utopian manga about Toshiki, a member of the Red Youth army who understands the lies society is manipulating to control the New Proletariat. His partner Kei is somewhat of a unique character, so I won't reveal to much about him now.
I am particularly interested in xepher as it is ad-less (a definite plus, I think ads detract from the overall aesthetic of a webpage and are above all, annoying) and it would give me enough room to write and post my webcomics in the fashion I would like them to be presented without compromising storyline or quality.


Webpage is "unavailable." Maybe link directly to some of your art on ponju?


Nah, just a screw up with the link...

The previous one had the comma inserted at the end of it....

I forgot to add...I really like your art.
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as much as the orange is bothering me, wow that's a pretty art style!
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oh, sorry about the link thing, but griever figured it out, so I suppose it's all good. I'm glad you enjoyed my art though! If you would like to see the art on ponju still, you can find it by either going to Piggy Oekaki or Showcase oekaki and typing 'frodobaggins455' into the search. I have some things posted there that aren't on the site yet.


The layout reminds me of the covers of hot gimmick. Simple but very clean.^^
Nice art, funny "leet page" (very original XD ) and very usefull oekaki tutorial.


Actually, the layout was inspired by hot gimmick! *give Nat-chan a cookie*



Okay, the art is good, but I'm a little worried about your inability to follow directions. The instructions clearly state the usernames are lowercase only. How about you try picking another username... and remember, it will be the first bit of your site's URL as well. Most people prefer to have it resemble their site's title for that reason.


oh, sorry about that, I guess I was a bit confused.
new username: syntheticrice


Yes, the design is nice, however I think that the text color, including the menu images could use a bit of contrast. Since the entire site is bright orange (I had to turn down the brightness on my monitor :P) and the links are a brighter orange, things kinda start to bleed together a bit. So it's a little difficult to read what the text says without straining ones eyes.

Aside from the site technical stuff. The clean layout makes it easy to navigate, and that's always a big plus. I like the art style you use as well, it's kinda a sur-realistic style blended with an animeish look and feel. Very nice.
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Thanks! yeah, I'm working up a new layout currently that's significantly less "omg-my-eyes-are-bleeding" sort of color ^_____^, so hopefully that will alleviate some of the problems


Message in the applications post said something about posting a comment if one is still interested in being considered for, so this is the reply to say that yes, I am still interested.


cool... I'm gonna try and get to some of these tomorrow, but no promises


sounds great! really whenever you get around to it is fine, so take your time.