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Tales To Behold feat. Jenny Everywhere now available from BirdcageBottomBooks

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Shameless Plug:
The Beholder's printed books are now available from
They are all handmade, digest size and with block-printed elements on the covers.

Tales To Behold 1-3 describes how Captain Evening is gathering a team called The Odds around himself, in every story a new character joins him.
Starting with Jenny Everywhere in Tales #1, in issue #2 it's Merv The Griffin and The Living Skeleton aka the Worst Man In The World, and in #3 The Blue Knight joins them.
Meanwhile, an unknown force seems to recruit all their enemies and opponents they encounter, which leads to a grand finale in the upcoming Tales To Behold #4, to be released in Fall 2013.

Journey Into Misery is a sister-series taking place in the same universe and sharing some of the same characters and a lot of unnecessary nudity.

Just bought Tales to Behold #1-3! Thanks for finally making them available online!

Awesome, thank YOU!
 Hope you'll enjoy them!

Thanks so much for putting this topic on top, fes! Very much appreciate it!

There is a special running right now at BCBB, when you buy more than $15 worth of comics, you get one for fee.

Check out the coupon at the end of the page here:


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