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Esperanto words in my website

Started by tmazanec1, June 06, 2013, 05:30:04 PM

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How do I type Esperanto words like Koŝmarego on my webpages? When I try I get weird puctuation instead of ŝ, so I just use Koshmarego, but I am writing several stories and hope to post them on Planet Mazanec this month, and would like to use the correct word form.


Using non-english character set encodings for web pages can be slightly complicated. If it's just plain HTML, then two main things. First, you need to use a UTF-8 capable text editor when modifying the document, and make sure to upload the file in binary mode if using FTP. Secondly, you need to set the character set to UTF-8 in the HTML code. This can be done with <meta charset='utf-8'> in most cases. If you're using something more complicated (like a PHP based CMS or some such) then you'll need to find the documentation for that CMS to see what needs to be modified to support UTF-8. See this page for an example/test I just put up. That appears to show the proper caret (hat) above the s. If it looks right to you as well, then you should be able to simply use the same meta tag in your own documents.