Author Topic: Tales To Behold 4 (feat. Jenny Everywhere) now serializing on THE BEHOLDER  (Read 5453 times)

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Hello true believers,
I've started serializing Tales To Behold 3 on The Beholder, for you all to read.
Featuring the return of Armagedda! Reverse-robberies! Insect-people! Captain Evening! Jenny Everywhere! Villains! Much more and– witches go dancing!

Here are the first 6 pages in order:

If you can't wait to see how it all unfolds of the next 2 months, and make me a very happy Beholder, you might even consider purchasing the entire book here:

It's hand-made with block-printed color elements. For $6, you get 48 pages of comics!
Before the month is over, Bird Cage Bottom Books even has a special, if you order for $15 or more.
For the coupon, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page:

But no pressure– in the meantime, hope you'll enjoy the story!
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