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Found on the Media Wise site

Started by thefemnazi, October 14, 2005, 10:40:20 PM

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Thought this would be good for a laugh.

"How addicted are you?"

Now, I'm not saying people can't become addicted to video games.  Human beings can become addicted to anything that stimulates their limbic system.  But I think that if you're actually checking a few of those, you're an imaginary person, because if you're that addicted, you're not checking a website to find out.

And I only wish I had twenty hours a week to play my PS2.
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Wow... that's so incredibly generic it hurts.

Let's make our own quiz... All you have to do is  pick an associated noun/verb and fill in where appropriate.
Some fun pairs to try might be:


And for the ultimate hilarity

I feel great when (verb)
I feel unhappy, cranky or irritable when not (same verb)
I feel angry when someone asks me to stop.
I crave more (noun)
I think about (noun) when not (verb)
More and more of my friends are (verbers)
I neglect family and friends in order to (verb)
I neglect responsibilities at home or at work. (Apparently I can't _not_ check this no matter what verb/noun fill in.)
I try to cut back on (verb) time but can't.
I (verb) more often than I plan.
I (verb) for longer periods than planned. I can't seem to quit.
I lie about my (verb) time.
I sometimes sneak time to (verb.) Sometimes late into the night.
I spend more than twenty hours a week (verb)
I continue to (verb) in spite of negative consequences.
My family and friends think I (verb) too much.
I have arguments with family or friends about how much time I spend (verb)
I have large credit bills for (verb)

Hmm... Never knew I had so many addictions. Or maybe I shouldn't trust a psychological evaluation from a website with that many registered trademarks. (Seriously, just look at the number of circled Rs on this page!)


I don't think we should trust anything from a site that's linked on Jack Thompson's homepage.  But that such a checklist exists amuses me.
"The world is not safe for my butt!" -Spongebob Squarepants

I worship Pantsless O'Clock.