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Okay, you're in. You should have an email with login information. Please follow the directions there.

Welcome Aboard!

Thank you.
As promised, here's your virtual BACON!!: http://mwadc.xepher.net/BACON.swf

By the way, I'm surprised at how few applicants you get. Looking at the forums, seems I'm the first one in 9 months or something. But you used to get tons of applications, right? Back in 2005? What changed?

I saw bacon.swf and thought for sure it was going to be this instead. http://z0r.de/69 :-)

But yeah, web hosting is a heckuva lot easier today than it used to be. The internet is also much, much bigger.  It's a good thing though. Tons of much more specialized communities have grown up in the intervening years, and can provide a much better experience for most artistic and creative websites than my general purpose hosting does.  As I think you noted, DMFA is leaving soon for one such community, and that is the last truly big site I'm hosting. When I started this in 2001, my goal was only to make the internet a better place, and give something back. Tons of people loved the idea, and I like to think I did my part for a good decade there. The fact that it's no longer needed, in a way, kind of proves the goal has been reached. So while I think the sun is setting on this stage of my internet philanthropy, I'm sure I'll find some new, cool thing to do in the future. Just not sure what that is yet. :-)

There will always be new people popping up i think, DMFA is going to do what it needs to do, but this is truly the best place i have ever found on the internet. DMFA is what brought xepher to kia's attention, i would hope they will continue to use the xepher bar to refer people to others works but that is her choice.
In either case I think we should all get xepher a medal for his philanthropy :)


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