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Lens Flare

Started by Aetre, July 25, 2005, 04:46:37 PM

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I just uploaded this new story called "Lens Flare." It's completely done, so go ahead and read and enjoy.

And of course, any and all constructive criticism welcome.

The main page:
"Not even the Human can stop me now..."


heh, awesome job! Was fun to read, although how it all went back to normal at the end made it seem... pointless, maybe? Then again, considering the characters and roles, works out pretty well.
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XD wow, that was really good. Some of the sentences could have been worded better or combined for easier reading, but that's a very minor thing. The story itself was a fun read, and you portrayed each character quite well. They were were a bit sterotypical (the surfer dude, the generic pop star, the psycho fan, and the sleazy news industry thing) but I can't imagine people in that situation being any different.

And I for one am all for "pointless endings" or whathaveyou. In my opinion it adds a little more down-to-earth flavor when the characters' journey really doesn't do much in the grander scheme of things. Great job, aetre. :D You actually got me to like a real-world fiction story. Kudos.
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thanks for the kind words. :)

i know i used a bunch of stereotypes; i typically do that only for comedy--i.e., to make fun of the stereotype itself. this was a short, quick write (as they go), but it was fun to work on. so if the readers enjoy it, too, i'm happy.
"Not even the Human can stop me now..."