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There doesn't seem to be a "suggestions" section here, so I'll ask it as a question.

After looking into Google Adsense and Project wonderful, I've found that while project wonderful is close, neither are quite what I'm looking for, if possible, how might I go about getting other ads approved?

Comic Rocket's webcomic ad service stands out in my mind as one likely to be approved.

I'm happy to consider anything you want to suggest. Can you give me a link to the service and their policies on ad content? First thing is to make sure they don't allow disruptive ads (pop ups/unders, auto-play sounds, etc.) and for me to get a general impression of their service.

This is their advertiser agreement, it doesn't mention pop-up ads in particular, but it seems implied https://www.comic-rocket.com/ads/advertiser-agreement/

Also, it fully understand this statement in their advertiser agreement "Comic Rocket will consider applications for Advertisers consistent with Comic Rocket’s vision, mission, and purpose." I recommend having a look at their "About" section https://www.comic-rocket.com/about/

Alright, I'll give it the greenlight for now. Once you get setup with it, let me know, so I can take a look at things in situ.

Alright it's set up, It doesn't seem to have pop-ups or anything and it straight up asked me what rating I wanted displayed, only problems I see is it takes a sec to load


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