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stats tracking?

Started by griever, July 28, 2005, 04:22:22 PM

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I was wondering what you guys used for stats tracking, if anything at all.  I know that Xepher has provided us with one, but I sometimes forget to grab the monthly stats at the end of the month.  By the time I remember (usually a couple days afterwards), it has been reset.  So I was wondering if you all had some kind of external service you used and that you would recommend. :)
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I use a digits counter, but I'd recommend writing your own using PHP and MySQL. After all, your page will load faster if you don't make outside requests.
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Well, most external "services" are just going to be hit counters. You've already got one of those with the phase 2 newsbox... one that doesn't get reset like the stats do. Also, all the old log files are still around, and should be world readable. You can look into the arcane commands to pass to analog (the thing that generates the stat pages from the log files) to make it analyze whatever time period you want.


Oh, wow, I had no idea I could do that.  Thanks, Xepher!  I hope I can figure out how to get something like that working. ^^;
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)