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+Angelus Mortis+ application

Started by vampheria, October 17, 2005, 09:08:13 PM

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Well, first of all, ignore the crappy grammar (Don't blame, im currently studying english to improve that situation)

Name: Vampheria
Manga: Angelusmortis
URL wanted:

Site description:
To host my own webcomic.
"Many years ago the devil ceased to exist, there is no hell, so then why are humans just being evil without any diabolical temptation?. Now, God is insight ourselves, trying to prove if he was right about this creation. If humans prove that they deserve leaving then the old punishment of death will be stopped, otherwise, it all be erased."

To simple i know, it's hard to xpress myself in a foraign language uh ^-^ (Don't worry we have a translator on charge of the english site xD).

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