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Started by w0lfmare, October 18, 2014, 05:31:03 AM

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These are the rules for posting on this forum, they may be updated over time if any problems occur.

  • No Spam/Advertising.
Zero exceptions for spam. "Advertising" mainly referring to advertising for the goal of financial gain. To an extent, things like mentioning your Deviant Art account or another webcomic you read are allowed.
  • No Mature content.
This should be obvious given the contents of the comic, but it wouldn't be a rule if I didn't say it was. External links to sites with mature content is also forbidden, as well as directing someone to such a site in a post/topic/username/profile information.
  • No Flaming/Trolling.
If you have conflicting opinions, you're free to state your opinions in a calm, civilized manner, but flaming and trolling have no place here.
  • No promoting illegal activities.
Just don't, it's common sense.
  • No posting copyrighted material (without permission from owner).
All Bloodline content that the artist displays for free on the internet can be linked here. Any other copyrighted material needs permission from it's owner.
  • Be respectful.
Treating each other with a little respect is a common courtesy, and it prevents a lot of unnecessary insults and conflicts.

But most of all, just enjoy yourself! This forum is here so you can connect to the rest of Bloodline's community, I encourage you all join in on some conversations, or start one of your own!

See all of you on the forums,