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Started by w0lfmare, October 23, 2014, 02:41:37 AM

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Welcome to the Bloodline forums, you can introduce yourself here!


Hi everyone! I'm Kamaro, and I'm the one who will be making all of the comic edits with stupid jokes in them XP


Hi, you look pretty good. ;)
Nom nom nom nom


Hello I'm Bumpersam. I'm the site admin and designer.


Hello I'm Loran Wolf. I follow the comic for sometime and was the first user on patron - just looked at up I'm not the only one anymore :-)
I look forward to the next pages.


I'm Bell in IRC and on the Twokinds forums. After a bit of delay, I'm finally here.
Gearhead in the digital world, who will likely grow up to be a grumpy old man.


hello! I use this username everywhere! (except for when someone else is using it, in which case I cry and choose another one) I started reading this comic at around page 30 kinda time oh and.... I like Pokémon, I like it a lot!


Sup I'm Nick aka Nutter64 almost everywhere else, I'm a 20 year old British ICT technician and relatively new face in the furry scene, I'm also an avid video gamer and have just started the dark road of building them... and um... Yea that more or less it any questions don't hesitate to ask
The Road Less Travelled is Never Travelled Alone.


Yay! I'm from England too! Let us swarm these forums with english peoplez!


Yes...YES!!!! Let the Englishness flow!!!
The Road Less Travelled is Never Travelled Alone.


Hey! Just found the comic today, already caught up! It's really cool, and I look forward to seeing more of it!
Anyway, I'm SuperStar, I'm a big fan of video-games, anime, and of course webcomics!