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Patreon E-Mail Bouncing

Started by kschnee, November 05, 2019, 01:04:34 PM

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Sometime in the last month, it looks like has started being unusable from I asked them why I wasn't getting login confirmation messages and they said...

QuoteI checked our records, and I'm seeing that our emails have been hard-bouncing from your email server. A hard-bounce indicates one of a few things: recipient email address does not exist, domain name does not exist, recipient email server has completely blocked delivery...

Because our emails were continually rejected, your email was placed on our do not send list. I've since removed your email address from that list.

If you continue to have this issue, I recommend reaching out to your email service provider directly, so that they can add the following IP addresses to your whitelist:
Could you please add these?


So, with that whole email kurfuffle with hotmail (and trying to get onto their "nice" list), there was about a 12 hour window (basically while I was asleep) where the email server here was misconfigured with a bad address list, and so it bounced some messages during that time. The logs show only one message from bouncing (and it was to you) on the 22nd of October. There were successful deliveries from them on the 17th and earlier though, so it looks like it bounced only once, but it was a hard rejection (saying your address was unknown due to the misconfiguration.) If there were other bounces, they would've had to come from other servers that didn't use anywhere in the "from" field.

tl;dr They weren't blocked, there was just a glitch that was fixed the same day it happened. It should be all good now.