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Updating with a Windows machine

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I now have a hp Windows machine (among other reasons, to help me update my website).
What would be a good program to use for this? Remember, I have not done so in most of a decade.

Sorry for the slow reply. I was traveling the past two weeks. As always, SFTP/SCP is the the way to connect. I still suggest the venerable WinSCP. https://winscp.net/eng/docs/free_sftp_client_for_windows

Downloaded last night.
Reading the online manual now.
THANKS! I knew that was the program I wanted when you replied, but I had forgotten the name (it has been almost three quarters of a decade :-) )

BLAST! Here is what I got:
I sure don't remember these details (password, etc.). Could you email them to my new email toastmastermazanec@gmail.com ?

I've sent you an email with details and a password reset.


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