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Koibito Play applictation

Started by 2-2-1, October 31, 2005, 06:06:04 PM

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Desired username: Playground Love

Site Content: Personal art site.. .urhm....

It'll be a fairly simple and small site, like most JP gallery sites, focusing purely on illustration and comics I draw =>
My art is based A LOT on japanese "Super Flat" art. (Please refer to (interview with Takashi Murakami) if you do not know what Super Flat/Neo Pop is.)
Besides original content, I also make fan art/comics of various manga (Gintama, mainly).
My works also contain mild violence and nudity, however, none of it is extreme =>>>

Various illustrations by me have been posted to my deviantart gallery :

Unfortunately, I do not actually own a web site yet (I've been looking for a good host for awhile now..),
and thus I cannot show you my html works.
However, I will probably just use a site template... I want my site to be simple and clean. Period.
I figure that must be to my disadvantage though ='[

I know that I do not sound promising, nor is my art... particularly "unique"  .... so ...please consider =>


Hm, I'm fairly certain that a username can't have any spaces or capital letters.  

I like your art.  I think it's pretty original, and I like your linework and the sort of minimalist use of color.  However, I'd really like to see an example of the website you would make here, so we could see your HTML skills.  There are plenty of free website hosts you can use for a practice run of the site you might have here, like  

Good luck with your application!