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Death to Blogs!

Started by Xepher, November 03, 2005, 08:21:14 PM

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Many of you already know how much I despite the term "blog" and the way I tend to rant when it gets used in my company. I just found this article though, which pretty much says everything I wanted to, but uses words and crudeness I never would. Thus, it's much funnier.


I hope you've heard of Maddox before you found that rant :p
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Of course... I've just never really read much of his stuff. Only articles pointed out to me by other people.


Haha, that's great!  Of course, saying LJ is probably annoying as well.  But at least it's a journal, not a blog.
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But... doesn't that article in some strange way counteract the meaning of his own site? It's funny to me... he has a site that depicts his opinions and views on things... but he hates blogs. Isn't his site itself a form of a blog or live journal like site in a way?
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I'm not entirely certain, but I'm pretty sure he mentioned how people have been writing down thoughts and happenings since the dawn of time, and doing so online since it was possible. It's not the idea he's objecting to, it's the horrible words that people try to use and sound hip.