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Fruitful Confusion

Started by shadow-alchemist, October 21, 2005, 10:15:50 PM

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(Gah, I'm going to forget something, I just know it...)

username: fruitconf


description: Yet another webcomic! Oh joy...*cough* Anyway, the name of it is Fruitful Confusion and the story is actually pretty simple...I think...It takes place in a country called Asfaran, which at the current time is having a lot of civil wars going on. Since the kingdom's falling apart, a lot of people are putting their faith in a legend they've had about a person from the city of Rone (which is surrounded by mountians) named Keshi who is supposed to be able to grant any wish. Then comes along a traveling fruit merchant who not only comes from Rone, but his name is Keshi.

The problem? He isn't the Keshi they're hoping for. The wish-granter they want is still back in Rone sitting a temple wondering why the heck no one has come to get their wishes granted. Fruit merchant Keshi now finds himself being hunted down, kidnapped, and in a whole lot more trouble then he could possibly imagine...though that's more so because he oddly enough doesn't even know about the legend or all the civil wars going on. The only thing on his mind is to become the best fruit merchant ever, and as far as he can tell everyone's just jealous of his fruit selling skills.

Mix in some other characters like Rezen the mute half-demon, Zev the slightly odd half-rabbit, a girl named Sachi who really is jealous of his fruit selling skills, and a couple other strange characters and you pretty much got the story. I did a lot of thinking with this story, so I probably know more about the characters than I should...Anywho...

art: My inking pens have somehow gotten lost, so for the moment you


Page 1 -colored- :
Page 4 rough:
Page 5 rough:

I don't like how 4 and 5 came out incredibly much, but ah well...
*cricket chirp* . . . *backs away slowly*


I admit that you art skills, like many others, are far better than my own. My skill lies in code writing and mathematics. lol

Now on to the application. It helps a lot to have a premade layout or design, some sort of working web site that you can use as a preview of what you would like to do. It doesn't matter where you build it, just as long as you can show people what you want to do.

Just linking a few comic images isn't going to be enough for an evaluation on your application. This is my opinion, I'm not an admin or anything, but that's pretty much what I've seen in the past.
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Thanks ^^ I made a site on geocities:

It also has some more pages on there too, though I haven't upload the latest page where you meet Zev yet...And I won't have any more updates until wed or so...Long story short, I sprained one of my fingers in basketball and now my handwriting looks like a five year old's and my drawing's just as bad. Oddly enough, the day before that a kid broke my only ruler. o_O I must be cursed...


My hand is better, so Monday I'll start drawing more pages. (got a new ruler to replace the broken one, so its all good) The chapter page is now colored too ^^


I'm still alive, so ya know...^^;; I admit I've gotten a tad behind in uploading pages, but since winter break is finally here I'm hoping to catch up.

(The program I use for coloring, Adobe Elements, has suddenly started not coloring random pixels...anyone know how to fix that?)