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Started by fafai, November 08, 2005, 02:18:25 AM

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wanted URL name ---
current site -

        my name is ashley.i wonder if xepher would help me hosting my personal art site to share with my friends online. though i always get no news from several hosting websites..maybe i should try on xepher.  
                       i usually draw anime drawings (not negative minded ones)which is to be posted in my websites.i also want to put my personal journal of the archives on what activity i have done.

my background:
          i've started drawing since year practising on the skills and CG.i have no chances to publish a book because of the lack of popularity in my country. i really wish i could.however,i enjoy illustrating and manga drawing in which both are different from each other.
my art samples :
i also read ypour instructions but i do have some i do not understand...pardon my bad english.

any questions please inform me and i'll do my best on answering it

from ashley


Wow... you're quite talented! Good luck! ^^