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Started by Other, November 13, 2005, 05:11:55 AM

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username: death2

e-mail: piratecaptainother [a]

description: An Art/ comic site. The main thing will be my strange art and then my even stranger comic which is has just started to be created,  named Death


Love your art. The story sounds interesting, though mystery has never been my cup-o-tea. (but then again psychosis makes everything better! XD)

Anyway, good luck with the challenge!
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Great art, I wish I had a tablet to do that on because unfortunately I would never be able to do that in mouse, it reminds me of another webcomic artist to an extent who does almost exactly the same thing. And none of the violence or the nudity that I saw in your pictures seemed distasteful at all, which I thought was admirable. The story also sounds mighty intresting, the multiple personalities and the psychosis structure of the plot make it seem like it could get extremely deep and intellectual, that is always a plus.


Thanks :D
Is there anything else I should do before the "challenge" starts? (and when does it start anyways?)


When Xepher gets around to it. It's really just a bunch of random questions for you to answer. You might wanna check out the old forum for some examples.
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