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dA in ruins?

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(Added here because Xepher pointed me in the right direction. Thanks. :P)

If any of you are at deviantART and you haven't been following this, it is just crazy. I'll see what links I can scrape up for everyone here.

From what I understand, Scott Jaroff aka Jark, has been laid off of the deviantART staff. For those of you non DA'ers, Scott was a co-founder of DA. From comments he has made, it seems as if he had no choice in the matter. He clearly states they had cut off his dA email without his consent.

dA shows that they can and will delete commetns fi it suits their needs. They clearly state that they would never allow deletion of alteration of comments, but they have. Screenshots prove this:

Afterwods: I can't find the screen for it, but it is now a 404 error. Has been following the resignations from dA staff. I've counted over 8 and really don't want to get the real number. It is a sad thing indeed.

People all over dA are uniting together and saying, "This is bull." Many are on hiatus until August 7, dA's 5th birthday. The goal is to grind dA to a halt. Many deviants do not wish for deviantART to become more commercial than community. I honestly don't either.

dA has give so much to me no one would believe. When I started on deviantART in 2003 I believe, I sucked at art. deviantART gave me the motivation to learn how to draw correctly and try new things. If not for deviantART I might have never progressed. As soon as you know someone is actually seeing your art and can comment and help on it, then you know you've got to get to work. I wont say I am the best artist out there, because I surely am not, but I will state I have gotten better. After two years of being on dA, I have moved up from sketches in a sketchbook that follow no proportional las, to digital images, paintings and other traditional mediums.

the community of dA has offered so much to me as well. I have gained such everlasting friends as Sary, who I got to come here and apply. Aeyoqen from deviantART and I still correspond through MSN messenger and are deeply unnerved by all that is happening to dA.

If dA goes down the tubes I cannot say I will stay with them. I have my own site for a reason and can update it as much as dA if I lose dA. As of now, I am planning new features for the site because frankly, this is just getting annoying with everything that is happening on deviantART. The greatest loss will be the people, and I can't bring the people to my personal site.

I know this was a little crazy of a post. I expected it to be better but I am being rushed to clean the house. Unexpected guests. >.

either this is a very, VERY sick joke, or it's worse than we thought. All I can say is HOLY CRAP this is F#$%ed up. Poor Jark, poor DA.

I figure this'll go two ways:
1) Spyed will sell his soul and become an evil demonic net dictator and Jark, after much training under waterfalls and such, will return to defeat Syped. They will fight long and hard, and spyed will eventually fall. Jark will then reinstate peace among the masses, and all will be returned to blissful paradise.
2) everyone will leave DA for one reason or another, except for the noobs who will drag DA down into the depths of net-hell with their crappy art and overuse of "omfglfmaowtfbbq liek uoy sutipd fga!!!!11". Jark will then move on to create an even better art community that all who supported him will flock to, and all will be returned to blissful paradise.

....yes, I do read a lot of fantasy stories, why?

Either way I am totally with Jark. If I have to move communities, so be it. I want a community not a corporation. Spyed is making too much money off of us as artists and that is just morally wrong.

I just don't want DA to fall in the hands of Spyed. I want Jark to win or dA to fail. Simple as that. :/

Agreed. Spyed is a lying, decietful, greedy human being, and I'd rather that great site die than see it in his hands.

What's ironic is that I'm a loner on DA....

Being a loner doesn't mean you don't know right from wrong. Sometimes I disappear from dA for large periods of time while I'm doing other stuff, btu it always cheers me up to come back to a few messages in my inbox. ^^


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