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Too much gaming

Started by SilentFyre, August 03, 2005, 01:38:41 AM

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I know it is a crazy thought, but it can happen. I'm am asking everyone here who plays any sort of video game/game or even watches so much of one show that it affects their daily lives.

I play World of Warcraft like no tomorrow. I am not afrad to say it. I am addicted. I have gained so many great friends through this game. But right now that isn't the topic.

So one evening after playing WoW for many many hours, I sit down to find something on the television. I flip over to MTV on accident and a music video is just beginning. Too lazy to change the channel, I keep watching. What happens is that this guy is walking into a party. So pretty much my brain registers some guy walking into a people infested house. The back of my mind automatically think, "Jesus this guy is so stupid. He is going to aggro EVERYTHING. I hope he is high enough level or has some support to back him up, or he is so ganked."

I blinked a few times, realized what I just thought and turned off the television. I promptly went to bed, hoping that never happened again.

My friends have caught themself asking 'How much silver is it?" before.

My best friend was trying on clothes with her mom and the shirt was too small. She almost said, "What's the next level?" I was like, "I would so say, "What stats does it have?" to see if it was worth looking like a tard."

That's it. >.>


I hear ya... I play (or used to) a lot of flightsims and such. Also, had a bit there was I was playing a lot of desertcombat/battlefield. As such, everytime my car crests a hill, I keep trying to pull back on the wheel to lift off. I was driving back in a major storm the other day and it starts hailing. As it hits the car, my first reaction is to look for the guy gunning me, then to relax because "it's only small arms fire, so I'm safe in this vehicle." Another one that happens to me all the time is when I see some stereotypical "target" like a tanker truck or some such. I always find myself trying to switch to the SMAW. Also, I have a bad habit of scanning for snipers anytime I see an obvious place like a bell tower, or a dormer window. I also have a habit of trying to find the most "defensible" table when I eat at a resturant. Then again, I've been doing that last one since I can remember... long before I ever played a video game. Just some instinct in me that says it's stupid to have your back to the crowd or to not have an easy exit planned in advance.


Wow...the most I've said is, "Whatcha wanna kill?" from the orcs in Warcraft II, but it was jokingly.  My friends and I sometimes classify ourselves according to the Final Fantasy classes....  And sometimes, when I'm trying to convince someone to do something with the group, I tell them that it's, "Fun +2".  But it's all in conscious joke...I think.
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Mostly, we watch movies, and say, oh, wow, he rolled an awesome tumble and acrobatics! or, and that would be him, blowing a bluff check, similar things like that. We'll walk around talking about it, saying things like, oh, I rolled a bad balance check, or Wow, my dexterity sucks.
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That's a tad closer to what I do. Considering I'm a Kanar addict and WoW. But I've never really referenced anything out of WoW. From Kanar however, It ususally takes me about a week to stop speaking in ren-style after an event. So when my mom asks me a question and I say Aye instead of Yes...

I've also done the whole +# to __________ thing many times. Sometimes I'd do a, "What are you doing! You gain a +2 to your stupid." type thing.
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data... just... no XD

 The worst I've come to was dreaming I was actually in the world, which is usually sorta merged with my own, and I just kinda run around doing things that I do in a 3-d version. Thank god they only least a couple scenes at a time :D
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QuoteThe worst I've come to was dreaming I was actually in the world, which is usually sorta merged with my own, and I just kinda run around doing things that I do in a 3-d version. Thank god they only least a couple scenes at a time
XD yeah, that's usually as far as I've gotten too. The only time I can remember it actually affecting my life was when a friend and I started shouting RO references at a baseball game, but that was just for fun.
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Ah... I just replaced "age" with "level" for the first time yesterday.

Brother: Don't you think Dad should retire?
Me: What the? Where did that come from? Besides, he's not at the right level... age yet.

Random conversation snippet.
"Don't follow into my footsteps; I walk into walls."


I did it at work the other day.  I was working a cash register and ran out of change.  When my bossed asked me why I waited until I was totally out, I told him the damsel in distress act would give me a charisma bonus.  He laughed so hard he snorted a couple times.
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...I watch time attack videos, eating popcorn and drinking pop...I even let them play into my sleep, meaning I have some really tripped up, mixed up dreams (such as when Belmont was jumping on some Koopas while Mario was whipping some zombies).  I never really thought anyone would beat Zelda's SNES Link to the Past in less than many, many hours...but apparently you can do it in less than five minutes (and yes, everyone else said B.S. before and after they watched that video).
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Oh, and can't help but say things like, "You totally fumbled your Spot check there, boyo."
Don't let the end of the world keep you from living another day.


I had a RPG dream once, I think I posted it here. I'll go into detail if you like but the funniest part was when I healed everyone of their DRNK status so we could go to another party.
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Oh goodness...I could use a bit of that from time to time...not for me, but for the way too many DRNK parties we have...nothing like a Drunken Master roleplaying his drunkenness, that's for sure.
Don't let the end of the world keep you from living another day.


I've had it where my friends and I went to Six Flags as if it were an RO leveling excursion...

Also I've found myself envisioning my Hunger and Social bars going up while I eat dinner with people.


i'm totally addicted to the zelda games. i even figured out how to play zelda's lullaby on my clarinet.
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