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If anyone is interested in writing Video Game Reviews (before Jan 29)

Started by fesworks, November 12, 2006, 02:53:58 PM

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If anyone is interested in writing Video Game Reviews...

My gaming MB is having a Video Game Review Contest.... each review submitted counts as an entry into the drawing for a free game or periphial of the winner's choice (up to a $60 value).

I'm running the contest myself. Rules are simple. Submit a well written (to avoid brevity and 'leet' crap) review of a game released between Q4 2005 and Jan 28th 2007. Up to 3 different reviews per game will be accepted (so if you submit a 4th review, it will not be counted). Anyone and everyone is able to enter and submit as many reviews as possible. ... well actually, I made myself disqualified...  ;)

the site does not sell log-in info, nor sells anything, nor has ads... its basically a "membership drive" and to have some fun getting our Review section back in full swing. Free. No obligations.

So if anyone is interested, go to:

Since I am putting this notice up at a few of the message boards I frequent, I can't saw I'll wish any one of them in particular to win, as I need to stay un-biased ;)... Drawing will be show on Youtube to show I won;t be cheating. :D

contest ends Jan 29th 2007.


Just less than a month left to anyone who is interested for a low-impact contest entry.