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Started by stacie, December 04, 2005, 09:46:20 PM

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My name's Stacie and I'm primarily and anime/manga style artist, looking for a good host for my art site/online store. SO, I now present to you my fabulous application:

- Username I'd like in the event that my application is accepted: spaceasylum

- E-mail:

- Site Desc.: Anime/manga inspried artwork gallery, and a small online store selling commissions, prints, original art and other things I've made. That'll be the main focus of the site, but I'd also like to add sections with tutorials others can use, link exchanges, the works.

Now, I'm not new to having a website, I've had several over the years but they were always with geocities or some place that contains many ads and no where near enough space for those of us who have art galleries on our sites. Therefore I started using places such as deviantart because I could post an unlimited amount of art without having to worry about running out of space! It wasn't until a few months ago I wanted to start a website up again, deviantart is nice but there's nothing like designing your own website layout from scratch and having the entire thing fully customizable.

Anyway, here is the link to my current homepage -

Why I'd like to be hosted by is because it seems reliable, trustworthy and I like the fact that all the sites relate to art... it seems like a good community. (Also because it's free XD) I haven't updated my current site in over a month, I want to start focusing on it more, I have a lot of things I want to add, I want to register my own domain, and maybe change the layout. But the first step in all that is to find a good host! So now I guess I cross my fingers and hope I get accepted and I didn't forget to say anything important!