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Started by stacie, December 04, 2005, 10:05:07 PM

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Okay, I'm making another application for a different site. This one's for an online comic.

Username: windmill


Site desc.: An online comic that takes place in a setting that could be the future of Earth, or really just a different made-up world. Anyway it's sort of a sci-fi story, and may later on contain violence and nudity. (But no porn :P)

This is a description I write for it:

The story takes place in the future where the earth has been ruined by human ignorance, some people still believe the world as thier ancestor's knew it can be rehabilitated, and support scientists who are trying to speed up evolution by trying to perfect re-animating corpses. (They haven't been able to make any that can feel emotions or think like true humans up to this point, but the ones that can still function are trained to clean up pollution in the natural world that would otherwise not be able to be done by others.) Other people have no hope in the future of earth, and dis-trust the re-animated corpses (known as dead-walkers). They want to leave earth and colonize Mars, but the head of this project is a guy with some evil plans of his own that are going to end up hurting everybody if he can't be stopped!

Hehe I hope it doesn't sound too lame, it's somewhat difficult for me to condense the plot, so much is going on in my small brain XD

I've only started it and have a few pages done so far. Right now it's hosted by Jelly Creations, a site where you sign up and post web comics page by page. (

The reason I want to be hosted here instead is because whether or not it's good, I love my poor comic and I wish for it to be hosted somewhere where the address is actually short enough for me to remember and type out, and most importantly I want a place where I'm not limited with site design so I can make a spiffy layout and have sections for character descriptions, artwork, and so on.

Thanks for your consideration!