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Inaccurate Perdition application

Started by Tornleaf, October 01, 2005, 12:25:04 AM

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I'd like to write my own, someday, but I'm gonna wait to finish java, which will help give me ideas for php.

 Anyways, I like your style, and your comic seems cool. Good luck with the application!
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Ohhh, I really like your art style, and your site's really simple. I love not being confused! <3 As for the archive automation thing, I know someone with a script that makes it so they don't have to make a webpage page for every comic in the archive. It's not an automatic thing, though, or at least not in that sense... I really don't know how to explain it, as it isn't mine XD;; Ha, I don't get most php scripts myself.
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I think that's a php trick, where you use the url as a variable with a php?id=32 or something like that, and depending on what that number is, the script pulls up the image with the corresponding number. Then after that, the next and back buttons just add or subtract one from the number.

 Actually, you can see it at work on the url for these forums. I don't know just how it works though, but it's not like I have a comic (yet) to apply it to, either.

 I want one of those uploader scripts like on Geocities, where I can use a username and password and make my website from any desktop, but right now, I don't think I should try to tackle that yet.
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Yammy, good luck with this application. I'm sure you'll get in, since your art kicks my art's ass, and I'll be happy to help you out with any site-building crap if you need it =B
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Awr thanks Slang, you rock my sox. And your art doesn't get its ass kicked my mine!

Yesh... I may need to commission you for some of those nifty animated sprites sooner or later.


Okay, I'm a little worried about your html skills... as was noted, having to close every comic, go back to another page, then pick the next one... Real pain that. Need some forward/back buttons at least.

That said though, I trust you'll work on that, so I'll grant the site anyway. Now you can use php and should really look into autosite or walrus. You should have an email with instructions, be sure to follow ALL of them.


Aha, thank ya! Yes, I'll get to that back/next thing right away. :)


WHOA! awesome! I wanted a site design almost exactly like yours!! wow despite me reading alot of html guides i dunno how to make a site like this T_T
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