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hello, the musical wanderer is back.

Started by cha0s, January 22, 2006, 03:45:38 PM

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hi, i have a site here as 'subliminal-prodigy'. unfortunately, i suck at web design and stuff so i rely on the quality of my content. most of it isnt even viewable by the public (but anyone with a xepher acct can see em. anyways, i just had some things in my life change, and i realized i didnt really take care of this like i used to, so i guess ill redesign it and add a lot of new songs.

heres 3 i did in the last 2 days:
(if you like chrono trigger, you might think this one rules)
(if anyone can play oggs, this ones sweet)

also, is it possible to change your xepher acct name? >.> let me know about it please xeph, thanks =)
xepher puts the SEXY in DYSLEXIA

My Music!
FreeBASIC rox hard


xepher puts the SEXY in DYSLEXIA

My Music!
FreeBASIC rox hard

Kira Dwenna

Oh, heck yes!
Another musician to 'play' with.......*evilevilevilevilevilevilevil*



Right after I get home, and start downloading them.
THEN you can have an opinion. ;)

No sound on the work computer, you know.
Sometimes I feel unreal;
A wrapped up box with nothing in it,
I reach out and I touch my limit.


Pity my computer still doesn't have sound...