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The Webcomic Beacon - updates Fridays

Started by fesworks, December 06, 2007, 09:28:09 AM

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The Webcomic Beacon - a new Podcast

The Webcomic Beacon is a new netcast hosted by myself ( and Tanya Higgins (, and we are hosted on

It is a netcast designed by and for webcomic lovers and novice creators. We hope to do a weekly show with a weekly topic, interviews, webcomic reviews, and call-ins!

Our first show is up (and hopefully properly running), titled "So you want to make a webcomic?"

We discuss some points on what some newbie webcomickers should consider, look out for, do, and not do. Brett Hainley chimes in with some Casual Ramblings of his own on the subject.

This week, we interviewed Jonathon Dalton, and reviewed Abstract Gender and Planet Saturday.

So, please, check us out and let us know what you think!


The Webcomic Beacon: Episode 2

Coming in at about 30 minutes (like originally intended), we present our second episode! On the topic of "bad" art in webcomics versus it's writing, we have a spiel from EvilCouch, and another great Casual Rambling from Brett Hainley!

We have webcomic reviews of Webcomic Reviews to Ugly Girl and Kawaii Not, as well as few Webcomic Impressions of No Experience Necessary, Wayward Robot, Flapjack and Toastie, and Road to God Knows.


We would really like to get some "call-ins" for this week's topic regarding webcomic website design!

You can "call-in" by leaving about a 30 second sound file to WebcomicBeacon-at-gmail-com or try to leave a voice mail for "Fesworks" on Skype.

We'd love to hear what would would like to say and think about this issue!


The Webcomic Beacon: Episode 3
Webcomic Website Design

We are talking about webcomic website design this week. We also have a special guest host for this week is Joel Fagin, who has a number of tutorials, espeicaly for webcomickers to use. We got some call-ins this episode, and of course, Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley.

Mat Sherer of Badly Drawn Kitties gets interviewed and we have a Webcomic Review of Gothbunnies, as well as one Webcomic Impression of Clit and Pecker.

This weeks show clocks in at 50 minutes.


The next topic is on Conventions. If you have something to contribute on the topic, please send us an e-mail of text or an audio file (about 30 seconds, unless you thing you got some really good insights or a funny story, then keep it under 2-3 minutes).

You can also contribute something about last week's topic which was one webcomic website design.

you can get a hold of us at WEBCOMICBEACON -at-symbol- GMAIL -decimal-point- COM


CONVENTIONS! We all love conventions don't we? We have a special guest host for this week, Stan Yan, who has a number of ongoing projects, and we'll even be interviewing him as well. We welcome Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley, and no impressions because nobody e-mailed us this week, but Tanya brings us a Webcomic Review of Jazz and Jess.

This weeks show clocks in at about 50 minutes.

Please "CALL-IN" or e-mail a message to us with a question or comment about this week's topic, or next week's topic!

For next week, we will be talking with Mark and/or Frank from the WCCA Committee about the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards.


(This will be my last "SPAM" post here, but we'll continue updating the main site of course).

TWCB: Episode 5 - The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

The Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards are here and we talk to Frank "Damonk" Cormier all about them! Casual Ramblings from Brett Hainley continues to have no apology, and Diana Nock brings us a Webcomic Review of Dark Red.

We are also newly affiliated with The Geek Media. So check them out for other geeky websites, blogs and podcasts!

For next week, we will be talking with Mark and/or Frank from the WCCA Committee about SINGLE PANEL COMICS, with Special Guest Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff.