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Brain Tricks

Started by Xepher, August 08, 2005, 02:03:59 AM

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Or optical illusions...

I saw this and thought "ouch, eye-bleedy!"

I want to get that as a huge poster for my wall.

Here's a site full of similar fun stuff.


that is a rather painful one :P.  That is one of my friend's backgrounds.


Xepher, I don't know how you could possibly wake up in the morning, look at that poster and still be sane. I would probably rip it off the wall while cross-eyed and go beat something in. I can't stare at them that long but they always amaze me at how they work. >.<


I could stay sane. I'd probably be sick every morning though :

 That background is also very creepy. It's like watching them do the wave....
"Don't follow into my footsteps; I walk into walls."


I can't stop looking at it.....oh my head hurts now!


That would make for an awesome poster. It'd be like having animated art. :D


Ooooh, shiny.  That satisfies my ADD for today....I like how it makes my head hurt after my eyes are itchy.
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No Frank, don't go towards the light!

I can't help it, it's so beautiful . . .



And that would be me, with that poster.
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Kahootz... I've been... *kahooted*.


o.O I thought that was an animation for a second...

Hmm, theres no way looking at that is good for your eyes - especially in the dark lol
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Little bro thought the same thing. he's pretty stubborn too; insisted relentlessly that someone was making a cheap claim (obviously never heard of optical illusions >_>) I got a little sick trying to show him they weren't really moving.
"Don't follow into my footsteps; I walk into walls."


AIEEEE!!!! MY BRAIN IT HURTS!!!!  Although, in all reality, it is an awesome picture to just stare at for hours... and hours... and...
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Here, this is another interesting one. Look at it up close, then back away from your monitor, and the two change places.

Sorry for the BMP, I'm at work, and without photoediting software to redo it as a PNG... and I'm afriad anything lossy would spoil the effect.


how far away from my monitor?  I can't make it work....

Maybe it's cuz I'm blind?

(note: thefemnazi is not really blind....but she is close to it)
"The world is not safe for my butt!" -Spongebob Squarepants

I worship Pantsless O'Clock.


It's an issue with focus. I have semi-bad eyesight, at like 20/40 so I only have to back up a few feet. I get the same effect if I just let my eyes go out of focus up close as well. It's not a perfect effect either, as both look rather fuzzy either way.


whoa my eyesight must suck, all I had to do was take off my glasses and lean back in my chair oO freaky
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