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The Hero of Canton

Started by thefemnazi, January 12, 2006, 08:41:58 AM

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The man they call Jayne!

So, there has been a huge movement in knitting of geek girls like me.  There is a huge uprising in fandom knitting.  While I cannot contribute to the world of fan art and I think I might be the only person in the world that finds my writing interesting, I can totally create knitted objects to show my worship.

With no further ado (Ok, maybe a little ado, but you know how cats are when you've just cleaned the kitty box.  They've just gotta do a little adoing.)

Check me out, I'm the box-dropping man ape thing.

and I also made "playne Jayne" slippers.  I wear them while I watch Firefly.

Anyone else that knits, the pattern is free and I'll give you the link if you want.  Anyone that doesn't knit buts wants something fandom knit, let me know and we can see what we can work out.
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I worship Pantsless O'Clock.

tickyhead you....*worships*

It's times like these when I wish I had paid attention while my mom went through her "knitting phase".
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Impressive. I am totally stunned at the very concept of "fanknitting" I mean, fanfiction is there, fanart is there, but fanknitting... wow. BTW, did you see the DVD special feature where the guy that plays Jayne sings "the hero of canton?"