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New Domain name...Help?

Started by Elevenbane, August 09, 2005, 01:45:52 AM

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Hiya. I just bought a domain name for my site at

The problem is, I have no idea how I can get it set up to route to my own site here at

And by no idea I mean NO idea. It says something about setting a custom name server, but when I put in my wings.xepher site I get an error. Is there something I'm doing wrong or some kind of setting I don't know about to get the domain working?


When it asks for a name server, you have to get it an address for a DNS server that is going to the "authority" for your domain. I do run DNS here, and since you're in Phase 2, it's easy for me to add, then all you have to do is point the nameserver bits at and

One problem though, your site STILL doesn't have the (mandatory) newsbox, and as far as I can tell, hasn't been updated in many months. Looking at your old application, the impression that I got was that you were going to be running a comic here, and updating it regularly. I understand that things come up and people get sidetracked and delayed, but I would like to know what you plan for your site here in the future. Since you're getting a domain, I would imagine you're busy working on something at least. :-)


Well basically things got complicated so that I wasn't too sure HOw to move my comic. Although it seems I've found a way to fix it.

I bought an account at that will handle all the comic archiving. I'll be using the xepher site to have all the daily updates a la Narbonic to show the most recent and have all news updates, along with pages to show all the comics I update. I figure that will be a good way to organize things into many different comic sections.

So that's what I'll be doing with the comics. I've decide to go away from keenspace, or comic genesis or whatever the heck it's supposed to be now. Once I get ahold of myself I'll have sections for my art gallery, portfolio, and so on. I might need help organizing the content for my gallery when I get to that point, but I have enough on my plate to do now.

What you're seeing on my wings site on xepher now is actually a rudimentary portfolio. I want to make it more dynamic and my home page.


Sorry I'm just now replying. I read this at work one day, and then got interrupted by a client before I responded. Then I kinda forgot about it. Anyway...

So, let me see if I understand... the comic isn't going to be hosted here, but rather you're just going to have a homepage here, and then link to the comic elsewhere? I know most people don't read the all the various forum threads to keep up with things I've said in the past, so I don't blame you for not knowing this already, but... I generally frown upon "portal" sites that mainly just link to content elsewhere. For one, if you already have a site elsewhere with the actual content, what's the point in me spending time/energy/money to give you another? Secondly, I find that such sites are rarely updated, as most of the content is elsewhere to begin with, and short of browsing through everyone's site on a regular basis, I have no way of knowing when they're actually updated.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, it's just that I've had a lot of trouble with similar things in the past. I've put a lot of work into making a system where each account has nearly unlimited privleges in what they can run/store/host. Also, I'm working to make a truely unifed place where people can come and find quality content. There are hundreds of hosting services out there, and I don't want this place to be just another loose amalgamation of disused home pages and forgotten file storage.

Now, I'm not telling you "no," but rather I'm asking you to think about what I've said. I want to build a community here, and I think that goal is achieved much better when members focus their efforts on a single, unifed site. I apologize if it sounds controlling, but the fact is I spend a good deal of my time, effort, and money, trying to make this place the best I can. In return, I ask that members do the same when it comes to their sites.


Sorry it took so long responding, but things got hectic here for a while. Now that my comic is on a bit of a break I can plan out what I want to do for moving it.

Now as for your concerns about the site being split up, I do still plan to have Xepher as the host for everything. The one thing that's different is that the archives will be at WebcomicsNation where they have a powerful organization. But for anyone interested in finding out about the newest things in general, they'd be coming here.

The reason for this is how I have NO idea how to even begin setting up something like they have at that site. Not with organizing content or even allowing others to get easy acces. I think it will simplify matters a lot more.

I've been thinking of these as the basic sections: (Portions being hosted at WebcomicsNation are red)

Main page- Features news and most recent updates

     Comics- an overview and feature showing all the different comics I make
          What comics are made of- a Flash feature I created to show the process of how I make my comics.
          The Wings of Change- My major comic, summary and links to different sections
               FAQ- Feedback and info about the site
               Characters- Character info
               Archives- The entire archives for the comic
          Left leg- a comic created for the newspaper, short story about a car crash.
               Archives- The entire archives for the comic
          Miscellaneous- holiday and other
               Archives- The entire archives for the comic

     Art- Categories aren't finalized, but probably something to this extent
          Computer rendered
          Fan art

     Forum- will open a new window leading to my Forum at Nice

     Portfolio/resume- will contain highlights of work, and a resume for potential employers

     StoreWhere I sell my stuff. I currently have several T-shirts to sell, and I need to make up the site.

     Links Organized list of comics, artists, and sites I enjoy in general

     E-mail Some kind of input script where people can send me E-mail and I can hopefully filter out spam too.

Eventually I want to get something like this, and I'll have re-director from my Keenspace site to my new domain name when I finally get the domain set up. Hopefully this helps you understand more what I'm thinking of and planning.