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Started by erq, October 05, 2005, 04:06:28 AM

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Heres what we (3bw studios) have for now:  

Yes yes, content wise, there isnt a lot of it... but Ill be updating on a regular basis.
Also, Ive had this site design for a while now, so I might be changing it (if I get accepted =] ) to something fresh.

The website is mainly about the art and comic series my friend and I work on. Theres only five pages so far but were finishing off the 19th page. Story-wise, Hybrid-Zer0 is about two young friends, who've been, unbeknownst to them, created as weapons against the human race. At birth they've been implanted with chips that grew with them and at a certain age would take over their bodies. The comic so far is a short side story.

A friend of mine introduced me to this site, and I've been hangin' around here for a few months now.
My site has been online for a while now (around 2 years), but every now and then, free hosts either run out of space, or my site gets deleted.


first thing I'd like to nitpick about would be the enter button.

 That took a while. Maybe I'm just... really bad at this but I think it should be a little less obsure; move it outside the image area or make the entire image an enter button.

 another thing is your comic. It's one of those "click, back, and repeat" layouts, oh my! One suggestion is to have another window open on everylink, especially with the gallery so the browser doesn't have to reload everything everytime. For the comic, get some next and back buttons!! heh heh. I'd especially recommend it for you because the reader is going from a dark background and layout to a comic page and white.

 But your art is real cool, and I think the story idea's pretty cool. Good luck on your application!
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Thanks, Ill get around to adding all that stuff soon.


finished the gallery part, but I have a question: how would I go about making the popup page open exactly to the size of the image?  
And for the comics, would it be better if I had another page pop up for each series of comics and on that page have the next and back buttons, cause Im planning on having different issues/series.


You could also use a list and image styled approach. Something like I did for the KGE websites gallery code Which I prefer because even though the navigation is dropped to the bottom of the image, it's still there and allows people to navigate the images a bit easier. This gallery, I should point out, is still in beta (notice it's on

Also, I need to agree with the front page enter thing. Generally I myself frow upon pages that have an enter button or image for the front page which causes me to make another click to get to the actual content of the site. You want users to be able to be in your site immediatly and for it to be easy to navigate with as few clicks as possible. Try to make use of as much of the pages whitespace as you can without making it look too cluttered.
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Me too, Databits...I was kind of disgusted when someone told me that a "splash page" is almost a necessary requirement for any kind of anime site.
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The splash page thing was an idea to show off what will be coming soon, a preview if you will.
As for that KGE site, Im pretty sure Id have to remodel the whole site because it doesnt have frames, just tables. And I dont know any other way to make the top nav bar stay while the bottom changes without tables... unless Im missing something?

What about my first idea? Id have the title of the comic series which open a new window with the back and next buttons.

And about the popup automatically resizing itself, is there a way?


Look closely, the KGE site makes no use of frames. It's all template driven PHP using tables and divs. ;)

griever: Yeah, I'd laugh at anyone who said such a thing. A website is a website. Doesn't matter what the content is, it's not good design practice. Even the KGE site needs some major work done to it, soon as the webteam gets the time to do it.

erq: If you believe the splash page it is absolutely needed, try making the entire splash image as a link to the main page rather than just a small link near the bottom of the image.

In the case of popups, I wouldn't bother too much in it. Most new browsers have popup blockers in place now days by default. So the site may not function as intended in some cases.

Have you looked into any comic management scripts at all? There are plenty out there that are free for use to do a lot of the things that you're trying to do.
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Ohh, thats what PHP is.... wow, Im gettin old/ behind times, heh =.

About that whole image link thing . . . . done =].

Ill look into those scripts, thanks Databits.


Just to let you guys know: yes, Im still alive. Just needed to take down the comics for a bit to update. Thats about it.


Ok, the comics are back up... somewhat,
so... check them out!

Oh and I took out the "splash" crap - so the link is just


Little update, added charcoal studies.