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Fairy Tale Bloopers

Started by dynamogirls, December 28, 2005, 04:53:53 AM

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wanted username: ftboopers

Comic title: Fairy Tale Bloopers

Brief Description:
Fairy Tale Bloopers takes place in a world where nearly every fictional story of any sort can be found in. Even Chronicles of Narnia are in here but that story has already been achieved. This world is called Imastro. As there are many settings from stories and such, we'll simply be concentrating on a group going through out the land to try and stop Nova from taking the Story Crystals.

This group consists of Lori aka Red Riding Hood (only she's much older and more sarcastic), Wolf (no need to explain), Buddy aka ex-Frog Prince (he's now a thief), Ella aka Princess Eleanor III, Marcus the feathered fairy (faeth) and Goldila aka Goldilocks. Of course we can't forget about Rumpelstiltskin's only apprentice Stilts, though where he fits in is somewhat vague.

Now, Story Crystals are simply crystals that hold Imastro together. There are twenty-one Story Crystals through out the world and Nova has but four of them.

Nova aka Puss in Boots is the villain of this little story. Like a typical villain, she has minions to do most of the dirty work for her.

example page:

One of the characters:  (I was actually messing around with adobe but the coloring remains)

Where we tried to do the comic but failed since it was meant only for webhosting. Chels chose the site, Lizzie was hesitant.
Is there such a thing as too much anime?


i feel sorry for all the applications that don't get replied on.
good luck.


This actually sounds like an interesting idea, a bit cliche, but interesting.
Somehow reminds me of Mario RPG for SNES...hhmmmm, dark star

Kira Dwenna

I like the premise.  I'm a sucker for things like this, though.  ;)
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