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Status, Plans, and Questions...

Started by Xepher, February 12, 2006, 02:24:05 AM

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Slower than a glacier, apparently :P

1. About the same response as everyone else here. My website's not the most anticipated thing on the web, anyways. I'm fine with it.

2. Webserver
Email (
Spam filtering
SQLite (Later)
Other CGI (Working on it!!)

3. Quite honestly I'm pretty okay with anything you decide to do, cause I know you're not gonna be compromising too much of one for another (at least, I'll be fine with it). Go ahead Xeph!

4. I'm fine. Nothing's been too much for me.

5. It's great! I'm fine with the service I've been getting. Actually, I've found myself bragging about my luck of finding Xepher to other people looking for webhosts and complaining about costs. haha...

6. Sorry, I'm not much of a advertiser. Though, if we could, I'm sure a lot of us know a couple of peoples who fall under such a category. I'm sure we could round up some people who are tired of paying for web costs and wouldn't mind sharing the costs ^_^

7. I want the polls back, haha. Used to be active in the applications section but after they built up I kind of zoned out. I wouldn't mind a limit, either.
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1.  I'm really worried about the email bit, because I had several important messages saved and my email is my life (all my modly notifications go there!  *weeps*), but I'll live.  Just cross my fingers that nothing there was lost.  *whaps self for being a dumbass*

2. Webserver
SCP (occasionally)
FTP (if you get rid of it, I won't mind too much)
Email (OMG YES *cries*)

3. I wouldn't mind losing FTP and just having to use SCP.  I use it occasionally (depeding on which icon I find on my desktop first, haha).  As for the web access....muh.  I've seen ok ones and I've used ones I really did not like.  But I'd manage.  Anything you need to do, go for it.  

4. Maid service.  I mean, er.

5. S'good.

6. Erk, I don't know.  I've never been much of an advertiser.  You go... do whatever it is you need to do to get more monies.  Tally ho!

7. Polls were fun.  I'll have to second (or is it third?) the whole "zoning out" thing after the applications built up, I'm sorry.  Real life and fandom has sort of been kicking me in the ass lately.  *resolves to try harder*


1. I trust you on this matter more than I trust myself.  Websites are important, but if you have a lot going on and are going to be stressed if you rebuild it now, wait.  We can backup or websites.  I mean, it is the least we can do you give us free websites

2. Webserver
Email forwarding
Spam filtering

3. I have neverused SCP, so my opinion doesn't matter.

4. N/A

5. There are days when it is dow or slow, but nothing that is bothersome.  I'd give it an 9 out of 10 (take in mind that I only use the webmail right now, but I am thinking about when I use to update my site frequently).

6. If you offer a Counter Strike servers, I will change my service.  As long as the ping is good, I will be more than glad to do that.  I will probably be expanding soon, so I might even get two servers.  Besides that, I can offer irregular donations, anything I get from people on my server I will send to you, soemthing like that.  As for ideas, I think minor advertising would be good, or perhaps if you make a website like keenspace, you can make a "premium" account or something you pay for.

7. You can make a commity or somethin g with old and trusted members alike.  They review the application, make their judgement and then talk to you.  This is the best thing I can think of, not being present in any of the applications for months.

Also, I am sorry if I skipped over this, but is there any time when we know the email will be back up?  Or will you just tell us?


Just throwing ideas...

1. Considering that Xepher has been hacked in twice, maybe some additional security would be helpful. It really depends though; if the hacks are pretty small and xepher can stand against something critical, then it probably wouldn't be needed. I don't have any knowledge of how a server is built though, so I can't really say.

2. I use:

The Webserver (essential)
Spam filtering
some Php.

I wish I was saavy to use all those other features though :(

3. I'm really ftp dependant, but I guess I can adapt to the other.

4. Better better better better better webmail filters!!

5. I still love the service. I feel guilty complaining about it because I've benefitted so much from it without paying (I promise once I get a job, I'll be donating)

6. Hmmm, how about...
-  setting a designer shop somehow 'a la cafepress (with the help of other users to promote it),  
-  gear the server towards hosting music and bands (kinda like Myspace)  
-  creating a commission system where people can browse artists on xepher (via one page of everyone), and then server takes a small percentage of a commission.

7. Maybe deputizing some trusted people will work, then have them give the final say will work. Or, for some kind of successful voting,  maybe send a monthly e-mail newsletter to every xepher user displaying all applicants work instead (and so people can get in touch who has a website now). Of course, people with outstanding work can get the shoo-in I suppose.


As someone asked, the webmail will probably be down through saturday, when I return home. I'll try and work on it then. If someone has a suggestion for a better php-based webmail system (to replace squirrelmail) let me know. Just to clarify, email is NOT down, just the web interface for it is. You can still use a regular email client. Also, no mail is being "lost" or anything... as I said, the interface is just down for now.


I, personally won't mind if there is down time that results in a more secure server.
I'm kinda a computer dimwit on Xepher, I use Dreamweaver (and its FTP upload function) and a SSH file transfer program to update my site.
I'm happy to have been hosted for so long, so whatever changes need to happen, I'll roll with them.


I used to be a member and I'm looking to be again, so I'll throw my 2 cents in the pot as well...

I used to use ALOT of the FTP. I dont know what that other method is or even how to use it. 0_o
Email, Pop3, Spam Filtering... and mayhap someday even alittle PHP.

As for bringing in money,

1) Art community such as dA in which each member would pay a "joining contribution" of say 5-10 dollars for indefinate hosting (website hosting would be free on the side as it is now) this way if people want to be part of a community without knowing html they can, as well as have uniformal access to other artists.

2) this fuels #2, with a dedicated art site, produce community works such as calendars or semi-annual art books, with 50% proceeds going to the artists and 50% going to Xepher, after print costs are out of the way. I know not everyone has the same art style, so mayhap even make a couple different options such as one for "robots," one for "furry/anthromorphic," etc...

3) Throw a raffle! Mayhap invest in a academic edition (often times found for 1/2 the price as the regular version, and just as functional) of something like Photoshop or Painter or something (how bout even a tablet?!) like that as a prize. (or sometimes contacting the company, they might even throw in free promotional copies) Raffle off chances to win at $3-5 an e-ticket.

4) Like 3 but throw a contest! Whoever can pull in the most donations every 3 months would win something ..?

4) Contact well known comic/ art designers commonly found on the comic places and write them personally. Explain what a great site xepher is and what you'd like it to become. I'm sure many would even be flattered and want to join a site like this, which would in turn pull their following with them and bring them here = more donations.

There's got  to be more, but I need to find them first. =)
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I've actually thought about most of those ideas. The raffle... can't do that for the legal reasons. It qualifies as "gambling" most places, and that gets rather fuzzy. A fee to join I just don't feel right about. No matter what you call it, it still sounds like people pay to get in, and that's not what I want. The contest though, give away a tablet or some such, I have been thinking about that for a while. If I did get a more unified community going, like for art, then I'd definitely try and do something like that. And as for the last option, going out and asking people to come join, well... That's a tricky one. Most people that have good sites already have everything covered. Without something new to offer them (like revenue options or what-not) it'd be a hard sale. Now, for a dedicated art site thing, that's totally an option. "Hey, I love your work, and was wondering if you'd be willing to keep a gallery here..." That I could do. And probably will do if I ever get Artica written.


It's too bad it's not all that cost effective to offer a printing service. bout an auction service of some kind?
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I don't think I've used anything but the FTP, being a rather simple horse.
I'm sure I could pick up something more secure, if it were needed however.
I'm heading over to the donation page to add to the kitty for an upgrade.


Whenever you're ready to do it.  I have many backups of my site

FTP (though i have used SCP with my last host and had no problems with it)
I think thats about it for what I use.

as for SQL, I was always afraid to use it, despite not having things like forums and oekakis on my site because they required that, but ive done well without it and would opt for SQLite or bust

I'm easilly adaptable to anything as long as its not a one-file-per-upload thing. ;D

Can't think of anything, really.

I LOVE the service here.  everything loads well, runs efficiently, and keeps running strong hack after hack, which of course does this well thanks to your adminship which you said not to rate