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Started by Xepher, January 30, 2006, 12:46:24 AM

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I am sick. I am sick, sick, sick of your shit. And when I'm not sick, I'm tired. I am sick and tired!

Kahootz... I've been... *kahooted*.


I'm going to Canada as soon as I get settled here.  it's just a ferry ride for me!
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I've been to Canida twice now.
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Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Not quite that far though... :P
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Never been there, or anywhere, really.

Yeesh, I haven't been to but three states in the U.S., and even those are within a two-hour drive from here...

Man, I'm a sad case...



Should be easy to figure out where I am. ;)


Hah! You think YOU don't travel much? I've never even left the state :( Curse my cheapskate parents and their lack of vacations!
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Well the farest I've been was Alaska... and that was only for 3 days.
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Wow... I've traveled at lot then I guess. I was born in Utah, my brother was born in Abu Dahbi about 18 months later and we moved two other times between those. On the way we went through london (there's a picture of year-old-me in a big fuzzy guard hat in front of the palace) and denmark. My travel life slowed down a bit after those first two years, but I've still moved more times than I am years old. Draw a line from Montana to North Carolina and I've been to every state south/west of it, as well as British Columbia, a couple places in Mexico, and several islands in the carribean. Also spent a week or so in Japan. Right now my goals are to see Ireland and Australia.


i've seen a lot of europe, and i've seen parts of canada (victoria, vancouver, some of the islands around there). as for states, i've been all over the place, with the notable exception of that line of southern states stretching from nevada's southern tip to alabama. also, haven't toured tornado alley much, except for being born in southern minnesota.
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jeez.. I've been half way around the world. but only because of family.

I want to travel the world -_-;; it'd be a lot of work, but what really compares to being able to see everything
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griever one lives around me, except Aetre.  This may all change though, if interview goes well ^_^
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