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Introducing Myself.

Started by otterath, February 22, 2006, 03:01:33 AM

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I did a search, and finding no introduction topic, I decided to make one.
I kind of got off on the wrong leg when I came here, and I would like to clear that up. I'd like to try a fresh start.
I'm Josiah(aka Otterath). I am a member of a lot of Redwall forums as well, and later I probably will apply for hosting, this time properly.
I hope I can get to know a lot of you, and have fun on yet another forum.
Well, thats me part.
~Otterath Streamwillow

Kira Dwenna


I'm a bit of a "in-and-out" member of the forums, myself, but I hope you don't mind me greeting you, anyway! :D
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Heya, welcome.

Not quite sure what you mean about the whole "got off on wrong foot" thing. But meh, if it was anything I have long forgotten... lol

I'm one of the more regulars here, and like I've said in the past, need any help on anything (that doesn't require something that only Xepher can do... "admin stuff") just lemme know. If I've got the time and know anything about it, I don't mind giving people a hand on something they have trouble with.
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Hello, and welcome! Always nice to see people introducing themselves, because like databits, whatever you did here I can't remember. At all. So yeah......All is forgiven! :P

Anyway have fun here.
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Yeah, if there ever was a "wrong-foot instance" it was probabaly before my time, so, yeah, Welcome!



It's not like I'm exactly a regular forum go'er....

But Welcome!