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RPG Omnus

Started by DarkClownNizzo, February 05, 2006, 02:03:37 AM

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Username: rpgomnus
E-mail: norfuffle AT hotmail dot com


Well, it may be a bit hard to describe, but I'll do my best.

Basically, my site would focus on the RPG genre of videogames. And it has a big emphasis on both "unsung" RPGs and "home-brewed" RPGs. It will have a large section dedicated to assisting those who wish to create their own games, including much content made by me, namely:

It will also be home to a minor sprite-based webcomic entitled "Subliminal Xtasy", which as the name suggests is a parody of RPGs and anime.

I've made a mock-up layout here, just so you know I'm serious about this. Would appreciate C&C on it. ;) I would give a link to my old site, but it got suspended for my inactivity on their forum. Really sucks.

I've got a sample of my music here. Let me know if you need more samples.

I've also got a sample of a Subliminal Xtasy comic:


If there's anything else I'll need to do, please say so.



Do you have any images of the comic that we can read?  The one that I got was very small.
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I presume you clicked on the thumbnail?


I clicked the hell out of it and nothing happened.  I'm assuming this is the png file sample of your comic?  I'm using Firefox and I opened it in IE and still got a tiny image with no way of clicking, hovering, or otherwise making it larger.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


I see it fine when using firefox.. ^^ and why yes it does happen to be png. Well In my opinion (and just mine alone) I think the layout is cute but I sort of want to see what the pages will look like. :D Also I'm not much for copy/paste pixel comics, but thats just me. :D


D'oh!  I had images in posts turned off.  Sorry about that.  It showed up as a link, which was actually a link to the thumbnail, not the larger image.

I'm kind of 50/ game comics can be really funny, but I'm not a fan of the pixel style.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


The comic isn't really the main point of the site but something I do on the side.