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FTP not connecting

Started by Lissa QUON, March 25, 2006, 07:54:14 AM

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Lissa QUON

Has something been changed recently? I was transferring files just fine like ten minutes ago and now it won't connect for anything. The error message I get says the connection has been reset, this is totally new and bizarre.

I'm curious if this is a new policy thing and how I can fix it or what I can do to upload files. I've been using the basic windows ftp method, I'm a bit nervous downloading any programs to use.


I don't know why it'd be resetting connection. You didn't try a bad password a bunch, did you? It works fine from here, so my guess is windows being stupid. (Not unheard of.) I'll say what I usually say when this sort of thing happens... Try and use the program there.

Lissa QUON

Wouldn't even let me get to a log in window to type in a password. Though it's working now, so I agree with your windows gone dumb theory. I'll try that program next time though.