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Dream Star

Started by Jinni32, March 31, 2006, 08:41:30 PM

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User name: dreamstar

*edit*My email:

*edit*I would like to make a art site with web comic on the side (working on both art work and comic pages). The comic I'm working on right now is based off the game RagnarokOnline.

Sample site:

I want to move here cause it doesn't have all the space I'll be needing.

I'm not a noob at HTML nor am I pro but everything in the site is most of what I know and I have one friend who takes class in web designing who can help me.


...actually 10e has a really good amount of space, but there's no community behind it. It's where I'm currently at right now.

Your site looks very pretty... I did notice though that you havnt gotten much comic and no other personal art. Is the comic something you can see yourself completing? I myself at one point had tried to do a comic without success, and I've also seen many other good comics start without a finish, often due to the creator having school commitments and such... there is also a little hinge on the comic taking place from an online game and you've stated at the bottom of the page it's used without permission, is this something that could get Xepher in trouble later on down the road?
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Munerift: On the subject of copyrights, it prolly won't get Xeph in trouble. As far as I know Ragnarok Online is pretty lenient about fan comics, heck they have mini-contests for fan stuff all the time. I don't know much, granted, but I've never heard of them really going after anyone besides the pservers.

On to the site critique, Munerift hit a lot of good points here. It looks like your site is still a work in progress though? Adding those pages it says you'll "work on later" would probably help to get a better idea of what will actually be on there. Art-wise, you're pretty good. Work on getting some real backgrounds in those comics and you'll be even better.

other than that I don't have much to say at the moment. The time change has screwed me up royally over here X_x
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uh-huh, soo......only four months of wanting to do the comic? No offense, but that's.....almost no time whatsoever. Seriously. I've been doing my site for only three years and I've gone through tons of changes. My first comic only lasted about 6 months as I recall, before I decided I hated it and took it down. Notice how I say "only" a lot. Fact is that people who rush into a comic are very likely to lose interest just as fast. That's why I haven't been updating my other comic for over a year either, I rushed in without thinking AGAIN and I don't want to screw up the next time around.

I'm not saying yours won't stand the test of time, but it's been proven in history by me and many others that good things come to those who sit on their butts for a while making sure they REALLY want to do it before jumping in head first.

But then, that's just my two cents. most people do the easy thing and ignore me. (except for that one crazy chick, man you'd think I had started going on with some "yo' momma so fat" jokes the way she reacted)
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


I wish you had the art page done... but I just like sites with comics and other art too.  Surely you must get bored of your comic and draw other things sometimes?  I know I do... I am not very persistent though, I've gotten past about 8 pages on the same comic once, and I've started six.  So... I guess I'm kind of skeptical of just comic and nothing else.  I don't know how much space that host gives you because I've never heard of it or anything, but maybe wait until you can get some of those other pages up also, and you really really know you're gonna stick with your comic.

Sorry that's pretty much the same as what everyone else said.  I know there are a lot of dedicated comic artists out there, but I'm sure there's many more that aren't.  Myself included.

And speaking of other art, if you had a bunch, you could just apply for a gallery sort of site. Then you could do your comic on the side, but not apply solely based on the comic.  A little more leeway with that, but just an idea.


wow that is a grate idea! thanks. Also i've posted some of my art work already (7 so far). kinda thinking of witch to post.


In the way of backgrounds, I'd say those are one of my largest faults.  Mostly because they don't exist.


forgot to post here, *updated* 5 more pages


well, they're pretty cute =)
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While I honestly get tired of seeing the animé style, These are all very good. :)


Maybe I'm counting wrong, but that... what, three pages in two months? Not saying "no" here, just reiterating what Ticky said about people losing interest and not updating like they'd planned.


I was working on 7 pages, 2 not coloured yet but I didn't like how page 37 came out and I want to remake it. These are the other pages I was working on those 2 months.

If this still isn't alot for me to get a comic site then should I just make and find more of my other art work so I can make an art site and have the comic on the side?  Cause I'd also like to update on my own time. I would have more fun making the comic that way and it wouldn't feel like work if it's on the side.

and thanks chaos and fesworks =P