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The Wicked

Started by MPSinclair, April 01, 2006, 12:46:54 AM

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For anyone that hasn't heard of or played before, this puzzle (similar to is called "The Wicked".

Currently stuck at level 36. Come on and join the fun! Maybe someone here will have more luck? :P


Damn you for getting me hooked on this! :P 36 took me like a week even with all the forum hints; are you still on that level? I'm stuck on 38 now.


I hit level 4, and my patience ran out. It reminds me of those IQ/Sat tests where they ask things like "which shapes are most similar?" And they want you to pick the ones that have an even numbers of sides, whereas I end up picking the ones with the non-acute angles. Logic puzzles are only fun if they have clearly definied (aka "logical") rules to play by. These sorts of things, however, become more a game of "what was the author thinking?" Which is no fun at all... unless there's more than one "right" answer.

For example, the first page in "The Wicked" needs you to "select all" text to reveal the hidden text. Me, I click and drag across the whole page to select everything, but it doesn't work, because firefox sorts text differently than IE, so you don't get "hidden" text selected unless you directly click on it. Thus, I spent a couple minutes trying OTHER ideas at a solution before trying "edit... select all" from the actual menu. It's that sort of stupidity that tries my patience.


yeah, I only got to 6 before I got bored and left. I have a fair amount of patience, but little amount of focus....

You've got a lot of good points there too, xeph, it's more a game of getting inside the person's mind than an actual logic game. I've never been a real fan of these kind of things, it's too much like those mystery novels where you try to figure out how the perpetrator of such-and-such a crime did it and what their motives were, or something. I dunno, I hate mystery novels anyway so I never read them, I'm just generalizing. :P

P.S. level 4 is actually pretty easy.... *coughhigh5cough*

[edit] okay after about an hour going through this with some of the hints on the forum I got up to level 26. Then I got bored again....oh well.

[edit edit] also, my eyes feel like they're burning from that white background.
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I got to level 6 too and got bored.  I never really understood why IQ tests and such were so useful.  I know a lot of book-smart people who are severely lacking in other areas.  And without the lower IQ testing people like me, they'd be screwed. ^_^

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Yeah, IQ tests are generally stupid. I mean, we usually praise brilliant people for their ability to think outside the box. Yet, on an IQ test, you have to not only think inside the box, but about the box itself most of the time as well. I've done pretty good on some IQ tests before, but in order to do so, I couldn't "just answer" but rather had to try and limit my thinking to the types of things they usually expect. It's a lot like passing an employment interview... you don't tell them the truth, so much as what they want to hear. Which kinda feels like cheating. :-)


I also got stuck at 4. What is up with that? I didn't think it was IQ skilling testing at all, it was more like remeber yuor computer class skills or something. Sorry.

I'm more like problem solving in a story-line setting sort of girl. Like Arcane or the Room.
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I'm stuck on level 45.  Any help would be great!


Quote from: MPSinclairFor anyone that hasn't heard of or played before, this puzzle (similar to is called "The Wicked".

Currently stuck at level 36. Come on and join the fun! Maybe someone here will have more luck? :P
I was stuck on 36 forever.  It was one of the most dumb levels.


Need help with level 50............

Please someone help me.


Help... please!!!!

I got stuck on level 36, even with some hints.


Finally......Now I am stuck on level 56.

If anyone needs help up to that point let me know.