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I guess I'm back...

Started by gracey, April 01, 2006, 07:19:53 PM

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The truth is I never really left. I was working three jobs til my feet were sore to the point of bleeding, and I never got to get on the plane to Japan. I was supposed to get there by December of 2005 but the school director pushed it back to February 2006 and then she didn't call me back.  So I was sad and took up a full time job that I was offered. And just last week as I was offered another way to get there, my dad has a heart attack. Nice.

So I guess I have to put some dreams on back-burner. Again. I hope nothing really changed round here. I know some things like Xepher's wanting to better the security and stuff.

So there it is. Hi, I'm home. I hope the reception is not cold.
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Man, what a tough couple of months >.O I hope it all turns out okay. Also welcome back, I doubt it'll be cold here ;) and if it is, I brought hot cocoa and marshmallows.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


That really sucks...I hope your dad gets better soon.  I'm sorry about your not going to Japan too. :(
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cold?  I'll knit you a hat.  Pac Man or Goomba?
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Thanks ticky. I don't think we even had a conversation before but HI!
Griever and Femnazi: thanks too. I was kinda scared and things would be different. I didn't have internet for a while too cus my comp fuzzed out on me. Unfortunately, I STILL don't have the money to buy myself a new one.
My dad is getting better. He's a strong guy and it's funny cus he still retained that sense of humour that I actually miss at home.

I can't really have hot cocoa til after Easter cus I gave it up for lent along with Coffee. Its a hard couple of weeks. But marshmallows are cool, while I'm sporting a Goomba hat. There's a baby at my day care that looks like a Super Mario brothers Goomba. SSSSOOOO CUTTE!
"Watch it Jeff, she's packing ovaries!" - Patrick, Coupling


Ah yes, this "lent" thing I have heard of, ironically from that Chocolate movie (or however you spell it). I should have known it came around easter. There had to be a reason for that holiday besides rabbits, eggs, and pastels...

And yeah, we haven't really talked much. BUT! That doesn't mean I can't welcome you back with marshmallows. ;) so HI! back.

Man, there's really a baby that looks like a goomba? I gotta see that. XD I bet he/she's adorable.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Welcome back Gracey!

Mmmm... I wonder how strange people would think you were if you started humming the mario theme every time you were around that baby?
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Ticky: You can't imagine the weirdness I feel even giving up something for lent cus I'm not particularly religious. I'm more spiritual...whatever that means. BUT YAY MARSHMALLOWS!

Databits: Funny thing was that my sister was the first one to point out that he was a little like a goomba. I would hum the first Super Mario theme song to him while chasing him around when we first met and now that he's a little older he's asking me to! At first I wasn't so fond of his chubby cheeks and big smile but now I know he's my favorite baby! Don't tell...I'm not supposed to have favorites!
"Watch it Jeff, she's packing ovaries!" - Patrick, Coupling